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About Club Eco Vista

Club Eco Vista by Conclave, an exclusive, premium business club at Ecospace is designed to do precisely that. It is the ultimate rejuvenation point for tired bodies and stressed minds. In today's competitive corporate culture it is imperative to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Club Eco Vista by Conclave offers quality entertainment and sprawling outdoors with various sports and play zones. These amenities and facilities, unheard of in a corporate work setting, help re-energize fatigued minds and soothe jangled nerves.

Imagine a rooftop swimming pool, a terrace-top tennis court and cafeteria, sprawling walkways, a badminton court, basketball hoops, a putting green, pool tables...all within the same campus! Besides these, a multi-cuisine food-court, a fine dining restaurant, a chic lounge bar, a gym with a view (steam thrown in for good measure), an exclusive business dining facility, guest rooms, auditorium and banqueting along with conference spaces within the confines of a single club.

It's a small wonder that Club Eco Vista by Conclave goes a long way in strengthening bonding among peers, positively impacting productivity all around.